Why use an Insurance Broker?

Despite common belief, using an Insurance Broker doesn’t cost you more. Done right, it will cost you less.

Brokers are trained to offer clear, Professional advice so that you are informed about making the right choice of cover for your property. So there is no reading of a script from a screen. We also have access and knowledge of the entire local Insurance Market and have the ability to negotiate competitive premiums with the best Insurers.

There is nothing worse than having to fight a large Insurance Company on your own after a traumatic event. Having a Broker in your corner, with the right knowledge and skill is invaluable. They take all the hassle and a lot of the admin away to get the claim paid quickly and fairly.

Why Skylight Brokers?

Your interests are at the heart of all that we do. Our unique agreements with the Insurers means that we are able to back up our promise of service excellence with quick efficient action. Very few brokers have the ability to tailor make a Policy for you and we are one of them.

SKYlight is all about letting the light into a fairly murky industry and this is reflected in our name.