Assessors – Friend or Foe?

What You Need To Know About Assessors

Assessors are appointed by your insurer when there is a fairly large or complicated claim and often they can make one feel unsure, especially in the light of a traumatic experience.

Firstly, they are there to ensure that this is a legitimate loss. Statistics say that a large percentage of claims are fraudulent and so they may often start by asking uncomfortable questions. This is routine and you shouldn’t feel singled out or threatened by the process.

Secondly, they will try to limit the Insurers loss where they can. This may mean replacing stolen items with repairers that offer the Insurers discounts or recommending specialised cleaning services instead of replacing items like carpets etc. This is also standard and expected by the insurers who are paying them a fairly good rate for their assistance.

Our advice to you through this process is to be completely truthful, respectful and provide all the documentation they require as far as possible. It may be that a request is unnecessary, in which case we need to know about it immediately please.

Once the assessor has finalised everything with you, you must let us know as its often here, through lack of communication, that the claim can go dead in the water.

We will then give them time to finalise their report and submit it to the Insurers.

This is when we get very involved. The insurers now have all the facts and we can ask to use your repairer, if you would like us too, and fight on your behalf to get the very best claim payout possible. This is exactly why you have a Professional Broker in the first place!

If you have any questions regarding assessors and their role, please get in touch with us via our Contact page and we will gladly give you more information!