The Windscreen Debate

In a recent article in the RiskSA magazine they reviewed the differences between Agents Glass; the contentious Grandmark Glass (Chinese Glass) and the well known Shatterprufe Glass. What they discovered is that there is very little difference between the glasses. In fact, all of the glass met the local and even international safety standards. The only difference was the price. Shatterprufe is the most expensive glass and Grandmark was almost three times cheaper.

If the glass produced is virtually the same, why is the Chinese glass that much cheaper? Does not the saying “you get what you pay for” come to mind?

Hollard have released a statement fully supporting Grandmark Glass. Stating they are confident in the quality of Grandmark Glass and believe it does not in any way compromise the safety of their clients. They also pointed out that all of Grandmark Glass is Shatter proof.

I suppose the real question is who do you trust? Do you put your trust in a brand name which has been synonymous with safety for so many years or a new product which has the backing of the major Insurance Companies?