Stop thieves from stealing your car

There are many things you can do to prevent car theft. These tips may seem obvious but many times cars get stolen because you dropped your guard and forget to do the basics.

Lock your car

Remember to always lock your car doors, shut windows and sunroof. Take a second to double check that your car is locked. Jamming device schemes are prevalent at the moment. Remember that theft from a vehicle without signs of forced entry is not covered in terms of most Insurance policies.

Hide or lock away personal belongings

Leaving handbags, laptops, phones etc on display in your car is just inviting trouble. It takes seconds to smash your car window and take your property. The best way to protect your belongings is to lock them in the boot, glove compartment or hide them under the seat where they are out of sight of would be thieves.

Park safely

If you have to park in the open, try to park in an area which is well lit or monitored by barrier entry and exist.  If you have to park on the street, make sure it’s in public area. Thieves prefer not to be seen when trying to steal your car.

Towing theft

To minimise your chances of your car getting towed away by a thief, always leave the car in gear if it has a manual gearbox, or in park if an automatic. Always put the emergency park/handbrake on. Turn the steering wheel to point the front wheels to the kerb.

Extra security

Most vehicles today are fitted with an electronic immobiliser. However, a gear lock, an alarm or tracking device are visual and physical deterrents which can put off would be thieves. While many ignore car alarms, they still attract unwanted attention and can deter thieves from trying to steal your car without being noticed. Tracking devices help police to locate your car when stolen.  They are also an excellent investment on more expensive cars and if fitted it may result in lower insurance premiums.