1. Commercial & Business Insurance

    Commercial & Business Insurance

    Comprehensive insurance cover for primarily small to medium size businesses

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  2. Personal Insurance

    Personal Insurance

    Personal insurance cover for peace of mind

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  3. Executive Motor & 4x4 Insurance

    Executive Motor & 4x4 Insurance

    Motor insurance solutions that will ensure your executive motor "toys" are covered

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  4. Aviation Insurance

    Aviation Insurance

    Specialist aircraft insurance that will cover your aircraft or glider against any eventuality

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  5. Marine Insurance

    Marine Insurance

    Insure your boat, Jet Ski, rubber duck or wish to ensure your precious cargo when travelling

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  6. Personal Cyber Liability

    Personal Cyber Liability

    In this brave new world, how safe are you and your family in Cyberspace?

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  7. Travel Insurance

    Travel Insurance

    Skylight use Travel Insurers who are experts in the Travel industry to get quotes that give the best travel insurance cover, and a promise of no-nonsense claims service.

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  8. Tax Insurance

    Tax Insurance

    Tax insurance cover

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Skylight Brokers is an Independent Short Term Insurance Broker situated in Northwold. We are small enough to know our clients by name but big enough to compete with the best. With exceptional skills and experience, our hardworking team, provides tailor made, intelligent insurance solutions for individuals and businesses.